The Immortal Jack The Ripper


Screenwriter:  Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Gothic/horror: In this reimagining of the Jack the Ripper story, a handsome physician accidentally enters a pact with a voodoo God who demands payment in blood in exchange for immortality; and transforms from unwilling participant to unrepentant monster. In his wake, will leave an unfathomable river of blood and cement his infamous name throughout the ages. To catch him, one man will travel across continents and time.




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Screenwriter: Phillip E. Hardy

Genre:  Political Drama

Within Thes Walls,

The Angela Davis Story

Out of the violent embers of the racist South, Angela Davis defies the establishment to liberate political prisoners; and in the process risks her own freedom. Within These Walls takes the Iconic radical Angela Davis from her college days to the violence of the Marin County Courthouse shooting and her subsequent murder trial. It is a coming of age story of a young woman discovering her political power and the pressures and expectations of fame and even infamy. From the civil rights movement, the tumultuous protests of the early 70’s and the bohemian political environment of “the Factory” in Frankfurt Germany, Within These Walls is an unforgettable journey of one of the most influential people of her time. 

Dirty Real, The Bukowski Biopic


Screenwriter:  P:hillip E. Hardy

Genre:  Dramedy

 A boy grows up in an abusive home, avoids the draft, works in the post office, is a serial womanizer and becomes one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century; but not before his jealous girlfriend tries to run him over.


Four Negro Girls in A Church

When four African American girls are slain in a bombing, their families valiantly battle grief, one mother dreams they’re still alive and a moralistic lawyer becomes obsessed with bringing their killer to justice.


Matt Dy, Director of the Austin Film Festival said, “Our readers felt that your script handled a very important historical event with grace and with emotional dream sequences that prove to be the heart of your story.”



Screenwriter:  Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Historical Drama

Loved Into Excellence


Screenwriter: Phillip E. Hardy

Genre:  Drama

A divorced African American woman rebuilds an inner city school, kindles an unlikely romance, faces a life threatening illness, confronts the murder of her child and rises from the ashes of her life.

Once Upon A Time In LA


Screenwriter: Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Thriller

A psychologist loses her sister in a car accident, adopts her sibling’s teenage son, moves to LA and discovers one of her new patients may be imitating the Boston Strangler. In the tradition of Basic Instinct, Vertigo and Dressed to Kill, Once upon A Time in LA is a Hitchcockian thriller that offers compelling characters, smart dialogue and tension breaking humor.

Gina Jericho


Screenwriter: Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Action/Adventure

When a crime lord kidnaps the mayor's teenage daughter, a disgraced, female Texas Ranger takes three mercenaries across the border and uses torture, mayhem and killing to get her back. In the tradition of the No Country for Old Men and the Wild Bunch, Gina Jericho delivers exceedingly gritty action in the style of Sam Peckinpah, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.



The Man Who Bore the Myth


Screenwriter: Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Drama

J.D. Salinger goes to war, has affairs with attractive teenagers and writes a mega bestseller then escapes his fame by spending increasing amounts of time with characters of his own creation.


Phillip's multi award winning script takes on the myth of literary sacred cow J.D. Salinger.