Seven Days in Istanbul

Screenwriter:  Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Thriller

When his young Ukrainian Bride is kidnapped by a brutal sex slave operation, her determined husband travels to Turkey to negotiate for her freedom. 


Seven Days in Istanbul is a powerful, uncompromising story that delves into the nether world of the sex trafficking industry. 




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Red Colt

Screenwriter:  Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Thriller

When a Samaritan identifies a Jane Doe in a homicide investigation, he is drawn into the lives of street people while putting himself in the path of a killer.  Red Colt is a gritty and often humorous thriller based on a true story from the streets of Philadelphia. 


Four Negro Girls in a Chruch

Screenwriter:  Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Historical Drama

When four African American girls are slain in a bombing, their families valiantly battle grief, one mother dreams they’re still alive and a moralistic lawyer becomes obsessed with bringing their killer to justice.


Four Negro Girls in a Church tells the riveting story of tragic event that became the meteor of the civil rights movement in America. 


The Bloody Benders

Screenwriter:  Phillip E. Hardy

Genre: Horror Western

A family of psychopaths flees Kansas, moves to Tombstone and commits a string of brutal murders until several frontier legends join forces to bring them to justice. 


This Screenplay is hot off the typewriter